Passion & Reason

Welcome to an adventure in practical civics


This site presents a collection of comments on legislation passing through sessions of the Nevada Legislature. Some issues evoke passions; ALL demand a measure of reason.

The purpose of this collection is (1) to serve as guidance to others who are not experts on the issues and do not have the time to learn about all the bills, and therefore to enlighten them with our comments, and (2) to encourage them to send their own comments to the legislature and to the media.

As much as humanly possible, all comments on this site are based on the conservative  principles of low taxes and small, limited government, consistent with

  1. The US Constitution, with special emphasis on Article 1, Section 8, the enumerated powers, and Amendments 1-10, the Bill of Rights.
  2. The Nevada Constitution
  3. The platform of the Nevada State Republican Party
  4. The platform of the Carson City Republican Party

“Just the Facts, Ma’am” presents the author’s personal views on many issues. This site, “Passion & Reason,” is specific to comments on Nevada legislation.