This page contains the list of bills that have been reported out of their respective committees with a recommendation of “Do Pass.” That means that the bill is referred to the “committee of the whole,” that is, the entire Assembly or Senate, which is the next body to vote on the bill. (If that body also votes to approve the bill, then it goes to the other “committee of the whole” for consideration.)

The information for this page comes from e-mail messages with the subject line “PLT: Bill Committee Report Notification” which is among the several types of e-mail messages you receive if you have  PLT account.

PLEASE NOTE THAT many of the bills in this list are ones that we have opposed. But because they are now moving on to the full chamber (assembly or senate, respectively), we have the opportunity to send our comments again to all members of that chamber; the same comments or new ones. And then do it all over again when the bill goes to a committee and then to all members in that chamber.

Please also note that these bills deserve a second look precisely because they were passed out of their committees with a “do pass,” and I am sure we some have escaped our attention earlier. To make  that task easier, I inserted links to our comments, if we made any.

Bills approved by committees as of 2017 April 18

Revises provisions of the Nevada Code of Military Justice.
Repeals certain provisions relating to governmental administrative tasks.
Revises the definition of the term “mental illness” for purposes of provisions relating to criminal procedure, mental health and intellectual disabilities.
Revises provisions governing the registration and regulation of commercial motor vehicles.
Revises provisions relating to state purchasing.
Revises provisions relating to the registration of child custody determinations and support orders from outside Nevada.
Revises various provisions relating to business entities.
Makes various changes relating to the adjudication of vested water rights.
Revises provisions relating to the installation, operation and maintenance of telecommunications facilities.
Revises various provisions relating to veterans.
Revises provisions governing Medicaid payments for ground emergency medical transportation services.
Revises provisions governing the management of certain abandoned or unclaimed property by the Department of Veterans Services.
Revises provisions relating to water.
Makes various changes relating to the Department of Wildlife
Revises provisions governing the investment of money held by the State or certain political subdivisions of the State.
Revises provisions relating to employment and trade secrets.
Exempts certain property from taxation.
Revises provisions relating to the Contingency Account in the State General Fund.
Creates the K-12 Public Education Stabilization Account.
Revises provisions relating to drug donation programs.
Revises provisions relating to the Task Force on Alzheimer’s Disease
Expands the authority of the Office of the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman.
Restricts the authority to administer botulinum toxin to certain medical professionals.
Revises provision governing the authorization of certain days of observance. SB105 — NO

Requires a course of study in health provided to pupils in certain grade levels in public schools to include certain information on organ and tissue donation.

Revises provisions relating to common-interest communities.
Revises provisions concerning the prohibition against carrying or possessing certain weapons while on certain property. SB115 — NO

Creates the interim Nevada Task Force on Financial Security.
Provides immunity from civil liability to certain volunteers who serve on an organizational team established by the principal of a public school as part of the reorganization of the school district.
Revises provisions governing the restoration of certain civil rights for ex-felons.
Revises provisions relating to the election of members of certain local governing bodies.

Revises provisions relating to the requirements to levy taxes to support certain fire districts.

Revises provisions relating to brew pubs.
Requires that an applicant for certain insurance-related licenses have the option to take an examination in Spanish.
Authorizes the creation of a local improvement district for a waterfront
maintenance project.
Authorizes the residential confinement or other appropriate supervision of certain older offenders.

Revises provisions relating to special license plates for veterans with a qualifying service-connected disability.

Makes various changes to provisions relating to patient-centered medical homes.
Revises provisions governing regional transportation commissions.
Revises provisions relating to the safe transportation of children.
Provides for the regulation of the sale of dextromethorphan.

Revises provisions relating to administrative regulations.

Revises provisions relating to professional entities.
Makes various changes concerning the prevention and treatment of obesity. SB165 — no

Makes an appropriation for the creation and maintenance of school gardens.

Requires certain pharmacies to provide a means for persons to dispose of unused
Revises provisions relating to public safety.
Revises provisions governing certain alcohol and drug abuse programs.
Revises provisions relating to aggregated sentences and eligibility for parole.
Revises provisions relating to the provision of information and assistance to immigrants. SB186, office of new Americans — NO
Revises provisions prohibiting certain discriminatory acts.
Establishes required hours of operation for certain mobile mental health units.
Extends the deadline for issuing certain bonds for certain environmental improvement projects in the Lake Tahoe Basin.
Extends the deadline for issuing certain bonds relating to the property and natural resources of Nevada approved by the voters in 2002.
Enacts provisions relating to conversion therapies. SB201, gender identity — no, No, NO
Revises provisions relating to barbering.
Authorizes the seizure and storage of certain unmanned aerial vehicles.
Requires the Board to Review Claims to adopt regulations for the administration of a grant program to assist certain operators of petroleum storage tanks
Revises provisions relating to the Board of Dental Examiners of Nevada.
Revises provisions governing common-interest communities.
Makes various changes relating to providers of certain health care services in the home.
Authorizes certain mayors to perform marriages.
Provides for the issuance of special license plates indicating support for the Vegas Golden Knights hockey team.

Revises provisions relating to real estate licenses.

Requires an audit of certain performance assessments conducted in public schools.
Revises provisions relating to driving under certain conditions.
Revises provisions relating to local public libraries.
Revises provisions relating to tow cars.
Authorizes employees of certain facilities and organizations to check vital signs and provide related services.

Revises provisions governing the transportation of game, hunters and hunting equipment.

Provides for the acceptance of a tribal identification card in certain circumstances.
Authorizes the Director of the Department of Health and Human Services to enter into success contracts.

Revises provisions related to lifeline service.
Revises provisions relating to reckless driving.

Revises provisions governing regional planning coalitions in certain counties.
Authorizes the filing of a motion for the termination of parental rights as part of a proceeding relating to the abuse or neglect of a child.
Requires certain city attorneys to be appointed rather than elected. SB434, city attorney to be appointed — NO
Provides for the award of college credit for military education, training and occupational experience.
Revises provisions governing the membership of the Local Government Employee-Management Relations Board.
Creates a procedure for the establishment of paternity in proceedings concerning a child in need of protection. (BDR 38-344)
Revises provisions relating to the licensing of foster homes.
Revises provisions concerning the participation of certain school administrators in collective bargaining.
Revises provisions governing the issuance of revenue bonds and other securities by the Nevada System of Higher Education.
Extends the prospective expiration of the Consumer Affairs Unit of the Department of Business and Industry.
Revises provisions relating to the financial administration of the Securities Division of the Office of the Secretary of State.
Requires the payment of certain undergraduate fees and expenses of the dependent child of a public employee who is killed in the performance of his or her duties.
Revises provisions governing the Patriot Relief Account.


Repeals provisions relating to reciprocal enforcement of support orders with foreign countries or political subdivisions.


Revises provisions governing exemptions from the requirement to obtain a state business registration.
Revises provisions governing the collection of delinquent municipal utility charges.


Authorizes the Secretary of State to appoint a Deputy of Securities.
Revises provisions relating to state purchasing. AB10, rebates — Yes
Revises provisions governing the operation of unmanned aerial vehicles.
Revises provisions governing the annual fee for conducting business in Nevada.
Requires the submission of a complete set of fingerprints to the Central Repository for Nevada Records of Criminal History for court orders relating to a legal name change and citations for domestic violence.
Revises provisions governing the duties of a driver when approaching certain authorized vehicles of the Department of Transportation.


Revises the reporting requirements for certain information relating to veterans.
Revises provisions relating to services to assist persons with disabilities in obtaining employment.
Revises certain provisions relating to veterans.
Authorizes the Division of Parole and Probation of the Department of Public Safety to establish and operate independent reporting facilities.


Revises provisions governing the tuition charges assessed against certain students within the Nevada System of Higher Education.


Revises provisions relating to certain allowable deductions from the period of probation or sentence of a person.
Revises provisions governing the dissemination of certain records of criminal history to certain persons by the Central Repository for Nevada Records of Criminal History.


Transfers certain duties from the Executive Secretary of the State Board of Parole
Revises provisions relating to the Commission on Judicial Discipline.

Commissioners to the Department of Corrections.


Revises provisions relating to the Specialist for the Rights of Elderly Persons and the Community Advocate for Elder Rights.
Abolishes certain boards, commissions and councils relating to natural resources.
Makes various changes relating to insurance.


Revises the Charter of the City of Reno.


Revises provisions relating to justice courts and municipal courts.
Revises provisions relating to bail.
Revises provisions governing services provided to persons with mental illness and other disabilities.
Revises provisions relating to the imposition of certain fees, civil penalties and administrative fines by the State Environmental Commission.
Revises provisions relating to reports of certain accidents or motor vehicle crashes by employers.
Revises provisions relating to coroners.
Revises provisions governing the initial issuance and reinstatement of certain licenses relating to vehicles.
Revises provisions governing trust companies.


Revises provisions relating to court interpreters.
Revises provisions relating to medical care for indigent persons.
Revises provisions relating to the testing of offenders for exposure to human immunodeficiency virus.
Revises provisions governing the licensing and control of gaming.
Revises provisions relating to the Central Repository for Nevada Records of Criminal History.
Revises provisions relating to the establishment of charter schools.
Revises provisions relating to economic development.


Requires instruction in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and the use of an automated external defibrillator in certain schools.
Revises provisions governing motor carriers.


Revises provisions governing the Office of Grant Procurement, Coordination and Management of the Department of Administration.


Revises provisions relating to services for children.
Revises provisions governing the management of wildlife. AB101, wildlife management — Yes
Provides for the sealing of records relating to eviction under certain circumstances.
Provides for the periodic review of Medicaid reimbursement rates.
Authorizes the Division of Welfare and Supportive Services of the Department of Health and Human Services to use money in the Fund for Energy Assistance and Conservation to assist certain low-income households in paying for Internet service.
Revises provisions governing irrigation districts.
Requires certain educational personnel to take certain actions to ensure pupils in grade 11 in public high schools are college and career ready.
Revises provisions governing the issuance of permits to carry concealed firearms. AB118 — yes
Revises provisions governing garnishment as it relates to spousal and child support.


Abolishes certain committees and commissions.
Revises provisions relating to emergencies in schools.
Revises provisions governing exemptions of certain special districts from certain requirements of the Local Government Budget and Finance Act.
Revises provisions relating to the insurance premium tax.
Authorizes the de minimus collection of precipitation under certain circumstances. AB138 — yes
Provides for the voluntary establishment of a program of dual language immersion in certain public elementary schools. AB139 — no


Revises the organizational structure and purposes of the Office of Minority Health.


Establishes provisions concerning children seeking federal status as special immigrant juveniles.
Creates a Legislative Committee on Tax Expenditures and Incentives for Economic Development.
Extends the statute of limitations for certain civil actions for damages for injuries incurred as a child as a result of sexual abuse or pornography. AB145, extend statute of limitations — yes


Enacts the Uniform Recognition and Enforcement of Canadian Domestic-Violence Protection Orders Act.
Revises provisions governing the disposal of property in the custody of certain governmental agencies.
Increases the penalty for notaries public and document preparation services that fraudulently provide legal services or advice.
Revises provisions governing private professional guardians.
Provides for the certification of law enforcement dispatchers.
Revises provisions relating to prevailing wages.
Creates the Task Force on the Economics of the Middle Class in Nevada.
Requires consideration of alternatives to window replacement in certain state buildings.


Requires a business that accepts a driver’s license as proof of identity to also accept a permanent resident card for that purpose.
Revises provisions governing certain fees collected by county recorders.
Revises the requirement for the Office of Economic Development to submit quarterly reports relating to certain economic development incentives.
Urges the Reno City Council to take steps to protect the Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery.
Establishes certain requirements for the operation of seasonal or temporary recreation programs.
Revises provisions relating to domestic violence.
Enacts the Juvenile Justice Bill of Rights.
Revises provisions concerning the withdrawal of certain pleas.
Requires certain health and safety training for entertainment industry workers and supervisors.


Revises provisions governing parentage.
Revises provisions governing the temporary limited appointment of persons with disabilities by state agencies.
Revises provisions governing cosmetology.
Revises provisions relating to the Silver State Opportunity Grant Program.
Requires marriage licenses and certificates of marriage to include the name to be used by each spouse after the marriage.
Revises provisions relating to cremation.
Establishes a program to increase participation by certain demographic groups in clinical trials.


Revises provisions relating to gaming enterprise districts.
Requires a school district to allow pupils and employees of a charter school to evacuate to a public school in the district during a crisis or emergency.
Creates the Task Force on the Modernization of State Government.
Makes changes relating to domestic partnerships.
Revises provisions relating to the termination of parental rights.
Revises provisions governing domestic relations. AB229, “marriage” — no, no,…
Establishes provisions governing changing the name of a minor.
Authorizes a lessor of a motortruck to impose certain additional charges.
Revises provisions governing motor carriers.
Enacts the Uniform Commercial Real Estate Receivership Act.
Authorizes an agency which provides child welfare services to obtain the education records of certain pupils.
Enacts the Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act.
Revises provisions relating to certain loans secured by a lien on real property.
Revises provisions relating to certain insurance gratuities.
Revises provisions relating to the creation of a local improvement district and tax increment area.
Provides for the early termination of certain rental agreements by victims of harassment, sexual assault or stalking.
Authorizes the State Board of Pardons Commissioners to commute certain sentences of juvenile offenders.
Authorizes a peace officer or retired peace officer to request the display of an alternate address on his or her driver’s license or identification card.
Revises provisions governing guardianships.
Revises provisions governing motorcycle drivers’ licenses and instruction permits.
Provides for the regulation and taxation of vapor products.
Revises provisions governing collective bargaining by local government employers.
Revises provisions relating to court programs for the treatment of veterans and members of the military.
Revises provisions governing the issuance of gift certificates.
Revises provisions relating to the protection of older persons and vulnerable persons.
Requires certain local governments to designate sites for persons to meet in order to complete the sale of personal property that was initiated on the Internet.
Revises provisions relating to autism.
Requires each public school and private school to post a toll-free telephone number for a child abuse or neglect hotline.
Revises provisions governing public administrators.
Revises provisions relating to offenders.
Revises provisions governing driver authorization cards.
Revises provisions relating to reports of presentence investigations.
Establishes provisions governing certain offenders who are veterans.
Revises provisions governing termination of the employment of members of the National Guard.
Directs the Department of Transportation, in cooperation with Clark County, the City of Las Vegas and the City of Henderson, to conduct an interim study concerning roadway traffic and safety.
Creates four behavioral health regions in this State and a regional behavioral health policy board for each region.
Requires peace officers to be trained in the constitutional and lawful use of force.
Requires the issuance, without charge, of an annual pass for state parks and recreational areas to certain persons under certain circumstances.
Revises provisions relating to social workers.
Revises provisions governing juvenile justice.
Revises certain provisions relating to public officers and candidates for public office.
Creates the Nevada Main Street Program within the Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs.
Creates provisions governing casualty insurance.
Revises provisions governing eligibility of certain convicted persons for public assistance
Designates October 16 as Sarah Winnemucca Day in Nevada.
Establishes a statewide information system for reporting nonemergency situations.
Revises provisions relating to taxes.
Revises provisions governing the redesign of certain special license plates.
Sets forth certain requirements relating to the search and seizure of the property of an attorney.
Establishes certain requirements relating to surgical technologists.
Requires a member of the board of trustees of a school district to complete certain training for professional development.
Directs the Legislative Committee on Energy to conduct an interim study concerning energy choice.
Creates a procedure for the establishment of paternity in proceedings concerning a child in need of protection.
Designates the third week of January as “Peace Week” in the State of Nevada.
Revises provisions relating to the taxation of marijuana.
Revises provisions governing certain reports required to be submitted by or to certain governmental entities.
Revises provisions relating to the Advisory Committee on Participatory Democracy.
Revises the provisions governing contracts for services between a state agency and a former employee of a state agency.
Revises provisions governing the Personnel Commission in the Division of Human Resource Management of the Department of Administration and the Merit Award Program.
Revises provisions relating to mortgage brokers and mortgage bankers.
Provides for the reorganization of large school districts in this State.
Creates the Nevada Office of Cyber Defense Coordination.
Revises provisions relating to notaries public.
Authorizes appointment of a General Counsel of the Purchasing Division of the Department of Administration.
Authorizes the assessment of an administrative fee on certain public purchases.
Revises provisions governing the Division of Internal Audits of the Office of Finance.
Revises provisions relating to programs of career and technical education.
Revises provisions governing the Program to Encourage and Facilitate Purchases by Agencies of Commodities and Services From Organizations.
Revises provisions relating to the Commission on Postsecondary Education.
Revises provisions relating to the system modernization project of the Department of Motor Vehicles.
Revises provisions relating to the Revolving Account for Land Management.
Revises provisions governing the expenditure of money from the Account for Maintenance of State Park Facilities and Grounds.
Directs the Legislative Commission to create an interim study concerning reports relating to public education.
Proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to require the recognition of all marriages regardless of gender. AJR2, “marriage” — NO
Requests the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences to conduct an independent scientific and economic analysis of the current management practices of the Colorado River, the impact of these practices on water security, flood protection and biodiversity recovery, and alternative management options, including draining Lake Powell and decommissioning and destroying the Glen Canyon Dam.
Expresses the opposition of the Nevada Legislature to certain proposed changes to the federal Medicare and Social Security programs.
Urges the United States Senate to protect a woman’s reproductive rights as it undergoes the process of vetting a nominee for the United States Supreme Court. AJR8, pro-abortion justices — NO
Urges Congress not to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or its most important provisions.
Expresses opposition to the development of a repository for spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste at Yucca Mountain in the State of Nevada. AJR10, no nuclear waste storage at Yucca Mountain — NO
Proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to revise provisions relating to the compensation of certain elected officers.
Urges Congress to ensure that the Intermountain West Corridor does not bypass Mineral County.
Expresses the support of the Nevada Legislature for the enactment and use of the Antiquities Act and the designation of the Basin and Range National Monument and the Gold Butte Monument in this State.
Ratifies the Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. SJR2 — No.
Proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to expand the rights guaranteed to victims of crime.