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Assembly Bills

This page lists the ASSEMBLY bills that members of the CCRP Legislation Analysis Committee and others have deemed important enough to comment on.


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Bills Approved by Committees

AB10, rebates — Yes

AB43 — NO.

AB101, wildlife management — Yes

AB104, motor voter, same day registration, etc. — NO NO NO

AB110, competence-based promotion — Yes

AB113 — no

AB118 — yes

AB120 — (yes)

AB131 — (yes)

AB138 — yes

AB139 — no

AB145, extend statute of limitations — yes

AB159 — no, no, no.

AB164 — YES

AB171 — YES

AB175 — NO

AB181, restore voting rights — No

AB186, required pre-K — No

AB187, wildlife/tourism — Yes

AB189 — YES

AB193 — NO

AB206, “green” energy — NOAB206, “green” energy “policy” — NO

AB209, forfeiture of water — NO

AB223, energy “efficiency” — No

AB229, “marriage” — no, no,…

AB237, repeal death penalty — (no)

AB238, wild animals — No

AB249 — NO

AB250 — yes

AB252 — NO

AB257, same-day voter registration — NO, NO, HELL NO

AB258, NV commission on women — NO

AB263, repeal Commerce Tax — yes, Yes, YES, HELL YES!!!

AB270, net metering — No,  see AB405/AB270, “green” energy jobs — NO

AB274, national popular vote — NO, NO, NO

AB275, student support services — NO

AB280, NV contractor preference — Yes

AB281, commerce tax relief — Yes

AB293, presidential primary, on-site registration — NO

AB313, protection of GPS data — YES (but…)

AB322, extend driver auth. cards to 4-8 years — NO

AB329, no driving in #1 lane — no

AB344, ban plastic bags — NO

AB348, sex “education” — NO

AB357, sanctuary state — Hell NO

AB399, state bank — NO

AB405/AB270, “green” energy jobs — NO

AB485, school buses — NO

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