1. Tell legislators how to vote on bills.

I am presenting this information in the order from basic to more advanced. You can proceed as deep into it as you wish.

1.a. Tell your local representative

On the legislature’s home page https://www.leg.state.nv.us/, on the right hand side look for Share Your Opinion on Bills and click on it. It takes you to a simple form that you need to fill out: https://www.leg.state.nv.us/App/Opinions/79th2017/A/.

From the Select Bill drop-down menu, select the bill you want to comment on.

On the Your View line, click on For or Against.

In the Any Comments field, type in a comment, up to 2000 characters long.

In the bottom half of this window, under Constituent Information, type in your name and address.

And because you will be entering comments on many bills, be sure to click on the box to Remember Me.

The comment that you submit to Share Your Opinion on Bills goes only to YOUR assemblyman and senator. It does NOT go to anyone else. If you want to also send your comment to anyone else, you have to send it to them in a separate e-mail.

PLEASE also put your comment in an e-mail to me, Peter Hennessey <peter5427@reagan.com>, so I can copy it onto the appropriate page on this Passion&Reason website.

1.b. Tell another representative

You can and you should also send your comment directly to your favorite representative(s) in the Assembly and Senate. To get their e-mail addresses, go to


Assemblymen —  https://www.leg.state.nv.us/App/Legislator/A/Assembly/

1.c. Tell the committee that is hearing the bill

You can and you should also send your comment to the committee that is holding hearing(s) on this bill. This information you need is shown on a bill’s Overview page. See, for example, AB1:

The information about the committees, including the names and contact info of all its members, is on the page

On this page select the committee to which you want to send your comments.

1.d. Submit your opinion as testimony or exhibit

And finally, if you feel you have a particularly detailed opinion or expert testimony to share with a committee, you can send your comments in a PDF file to the committee secretary, whose e-mail address is shown on the same Overview page of a bill (such as AB1:
https://www.leg.state.nv.us/App/NELIS/REL/79th2017/Bill/4590/Overview) and is of the form AsmED@asm.state.nv.us (for the Assembly education committee).

You do NOT have to appear in person to give your testimony in person; you can simply e-mail a PDF file.

2. Tell the others among us, who are following other bills, how to comment on your bills.

Unfortunately I was not able to implement a better way, so PLEASE copy your comments to me by e-mail to Peter Hennessey <peter5427@reagan.com> and I will copy them onto  the appropriate page on this Passion&Reason website.

At the bottom of every posting about a bill on this Passion&Reason website, there is a box labeled “Enter your comment here,” under the heading LEAVE A REPLY. That works just like on the professional news websites; it’s a comment on the posting above. It does NOT automatically go to the Legislature as a comment on the bill. So if you want to make the same comment in both places, on this website and on the legislature’s Share Your Opinion on Bills, then you have to copy-and-paste. PLEASE DO.

3. Tell fellow members of the county Republican central committees, fellow Republicans, the general public and the media what we think of those bills.

See if your county Republican central committee will help you reach fellow members and registered Republicans in your county. At the very least ask them to post a link this website (https://passion4reason.wordpress.com/) in their newsletter and on their website.

Use the media links to send a letter to the editor (remember there is a limit of 200-250 words imposed by the local newspapers, none on CarsonNow).