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This page is your point of entry to information you will need to do your job as a  legislation analysis volunteer more effectively.

This site is intended to be COMPLEMENTARY to the great work that the legislature’s technical support team has done to create NELIS, not to replace it . Please DO take the time to learn NELIS. It provides information in the form of many reports that you may want to read in order to do this job better, such as the sponsor(s) of a bill, the committee(s) that a bill is assigned to, the time(s) and place(s) when a committee has heard or will be hearing a bill, the exhibits, testimonies and comments filed in support or opposition to the bill,  the list of the committee members to whom you may want to address your comments, etc.

How to Track Bills

Intelligent Tracking

How to Submit Comments

How to View Comments Submitted To The Legislature

How To See When A Bill Will be Heard

The Friday Night Status Report

How To Submit A Lobbyist Expense Report

Links to:


Assemblymen —

Committees (members, meetings, bills) —

Nevada Republican Party —

Carson City Republican Party —

Media (northern Nevada)
Nevada Appeal
Reno Gazette Journal

*** NELIS instruction manual ***

*** PLT instruction manual ***
(cursor down a bit; the first page only appears to be blank)

*** Short-form instructions *** handed out at lobbyist training

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