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Budget Bills

This page lists the BUDGET bills that members of the CCRP Legislation Analysis Committee and others have deemed important enough to comment on.

If anyone has any level of experience with budgets (government budgets), please help us with this category,

There are 451 budget bills, and sometimes topics of great general policy interest pop up not as Assembly or Senate bills, but in budget bills.

One such example is the hot button issue of ESA, educational savings accounts. You would expect this item to be somewhere in the Department of Education, but actually it popped up in the budget of the State Treasurer’s Office. Who woudda thunk?! Needless to say, we are FOR educational savings accounts and school choice, but one literally has to attend every committee meeting to catch little tidbits like this:

From: :
Date: February 21, 2017 at 9:28:09 AM PST

Education Savings Accounts through the State Treasurer’s Office; Choice in Education
This was heard in Assembly Ways and Means as a budget item.

Here is another example:

from simi4relo

PUC Budget Time

The PUC is looking for the Legislature rubber-stamp to their overblown budget.  If you can’t show up to complain about the fat in the budget, please send an email to the Senators and Assembly members, who are meeting jointly to hear the PUC defend its budget on Monday, 2/20, 8:00 AM at the Legislature Building, Room 4100.

The timing is critical, so we are asking that you send your remarks to ANGEL DeFAZIO in Las Vegas for her to upload at precisely the right time, so as not to clue in legislators, who could be in cahoots with the PUC.

Talking Points:

1. The PUC has never been one to tighten its belt or watch where the spending is going.
2. The PUC rubber-stamps everything NVE wants, when in fact, the PUC is supposed to stand for PUBLIC Utilities Commission. What about the public???
3.  The PUC has consistently budgeted “to the moon”, asking for all their 90+ computers to be replaced at the same time, asking for their salary caps to be removed, asking the Legislative oversight to be removed.  (Most, but not all of these budget requests have been granted).
4. The Executive Director of the PUC (Stephanie Mullens) was a summer camp director (contrary to what the NRS dictates), earning big bucks for being incompetent. She is required to defend the budget.
5.  We, the public, the NV Energy ratepayers, have no recourse, as the PUC is appointed by the Governor, and yet, they lord over us.
6.   Ask the legislators to PLEASE carefully review the PUC budget, ask questions and scrutinize before any vote to approve it. They should have to tighten their belts like we continue to have to.

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