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Senate Bills

This page lists the SENATE bills that members of the CCRP Legislation Analysis Committee and others have deemed important enough to comment on.


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Bills Approved by Committees

SB47 — No.

SB65, utility resource plan — No

SB86, teach cursive — YES

SB94, register to vote on election day — NO

SB102, ccw for 18-21 — yes

SB103 — no, hell no, HELL NO

SB105 — NO

SB106 — no

SB109 — yes, Yes, HELL YES

SB115 — NO

SB116 — yes

SB122, state funds to Planned Parenthood — NO

SB124, confiscation of weapons — hell no

SB126 — no

SB145, solar incentives — No

SB146, distributed resources plan — No

SB150, energy efficiency programs — No

SB165 — no

SB174 — NO

SB175 — no

SB186, office of new Americans — NO

SB188, discrimination based on “gender” — NO

SB194, wildlife — Yes

SB196 — no

SB201, gender identity — no, No, NO

SB202 — no

SB204, energy storage — No

SB210, anesthesiologist assistants — NO

SB216 — no

SB217 — NO

SB219, tanning beds — no

SB221, wildlife/council — No

SB223 — no, no, no

SB325, children of illegals on Medicaid — no

SB233 — NO

SB233, 0bamacare benefits — NO

SB225, anti-bullying policies — NO

SB243, appointed county school boards — NO

SB246, extend CMR — YES

SB254, civil penalties in justifiable homicide — NO

SB261, euthanasia — NO NO NO NO

SB263, another Wildlife Board — NO

SB271, SB272, water — NO

SB307, concealed carry — no

SB317, NV contractor preference — Yes

SB319, DMV to report illegal voter — YES

SB322, take and pass American civics — (yes?) (NO?)

SB387, “high risk” individuals — NO

SB392, “green energy” subsidies — NO

SB439, hike the tax on diesel — NO

SB344, MJ packaging for children — Yes

SB349, Volens et Potens — NO

SB351, CCW for MJ users — yes?

SB352, school sports & events — Yes

SB358, criminal asset forfeiture — YES

SB363, small airport subsidies — No

SB378, decriminalize “medical” MJ — yes?

SB380, local lobbyist — Yes

SB381, appointed school trustees –NO

SB389, enforce “sanctuary” — NO NO NO

SB407, NV “green” bank — NO


SB425, property tax limit hike — hell NO

SB434, city attorney to be appointed — NO

SB439, hike the tax on diesel — NO

SB447, absentee ballot for disabled — yes? no?

SB448, private toll collection — NO

SB458, longitudinal data system — No, Hell NO

SB467, NV Ready 21 program — NO

SB469, year-end balance unprotected from collective bargaining — NO

SB517, state bank — NO

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