by peter5427

SJR12 justifies its resolution (to rescind SJR1 2015) on the basis of demonstrably FALSE premises.

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Line 4. The feds control 87% of the land mass within the State’s borders, not “nearly 80%.”

Line 6. SJR1 did NOT propose to transfer national forests, etc., to the State.

Line 12. NV does NOT derive an “economic benefit” from the costs of managing these lands. NV is DEPRIVED of potential income from user fees, which could and would be collected if these lands were under competent management. (Those among us who know can fill in the appropriate details here.)

Line 17. NV and the feds are at constant loggerheads precisely over the mis- or non-management of wild fires, the causes of wildfires, as well as the feral horses and burros. The deliberate mention of national forests in this context is an intellectually dishonest misdirection to confuse the issue.

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Line 3. Every recent action of the feds points to their deliberate policy to severely reduce then totally eliminate public access to public lands. The confrontations with ranchers in NV and OR are two of the more egregious examples, and you don’t have to dive too deep into environmentalist propaganda or UN Agenda 21 to see that they want to remove all human activity from “fly-over country.”

Since the Civil War the “progressives” have been pushing a policy of “one nation,” in contradiction of the Constitution’s provision for a union of sovereign States. But making every issue an excuse for federal legislation to regulate every aspect of our lives is not enough for them. Since the Wilson administration, they have been pushing to subordinate us to a “new world order;” that is, to make the US subservient to an international government, and the US Constitution to be eliminated in favor of an international charter (League of Nations, United Nations).

This SJR12 2017 is just another nail in the coffin of our State and national sovereignty.