NOTE: As of this week, please also pay attention to Bills Approved by Committees because whatever we may have thought of the bills so far, these are the ones that the first committee to hear them have passed out of committee with the recommendation to “do pass.” As you can see from the links I inserted after the brief descriptions of the bills, I have tried to match them up with our comments, and guess what? There are hardly any matches. Our concerns are not their concerns. We can’t possibly attend all committee meetings all day, every day. We can’t possibly read and comment on every bill on the agenda every day. There aren’t enough of us to “man” every upcoming meeting. It is inevitable that they will hear and pass bills we should but won’t know about. So I think the next best thing now is ALSO to focus on the bills on Bills Approved by Committees.

Upcoming bills of special interest (week of April 10):

(These are all the bills coming up in committee. I still have to sort through them.)

AB461, more peacenik nonsense

AB139, dual language immersion

AB141, AB388, minority health

AB397, SB122, aid to PP

AJR9 (WS), don’t repeal 0bamacare


SB203, domestic corporations

SB264 (WS), business entities

SB398 (WS),  blockchain technology

AB199 (WS), end of life care

AB223 (WS), energy efficiency programs

AB452 (WS), study of energy choice

AJR10 (WS), no nuke dump in Yucca Mountain

AB212, AB312, AB320,

AB351, AB434

AB77 (WS), AB110 (WS), AB202 (WS), AB372 (WS), AB451 (WS), AB469 (WS), AB482 (WS)

SB481, SB483, SB484

SB287 (WS), SB318 (WS), SB326 (WS), SB355 (WS), SB388 (WS), SB510 (WS)

SB465, SB478, SB497, SJR12

SB447 (WS), SB492 (WS), SJR4 (WS)

SB65, SB145, SB146, SB150, SB392, SB407

AB318, AB417, AB433, AB435

AB154 (WS), AB169 (WS), AB301 (WS), AB310 (WS), AB337 (WS)

AB438, AB462, AB476

AB180 (WS), AB459 (WS), AB471 (WS), AB472 (WS)

SB309, SB448

SB124, SB338, SB470, SB472, SB473, SB474, SB488

AB272 (WS), AB325 (WS), AB392 (WS), AJR11 (WS), ACR7 (WS), ACR8 (WS), ACR9 (WS)

AB52, AB449, AJR13

AB32 (WS), AB391 (WS), AB416 (WS), AJR4 (WS)

SB263, SB513, SB514, SJR13

SB221 (WS), SB364 (WS), SB371 (WS)

AB441, AB463, AB486

AB29, AB208, AB252, AB410, AB442, AB485

AB68 (WS), AB233 (WS), AB368 (WS), AB419 (WS), AB455 (WS)

SB369, SB390, SB430

SB86 (WS), SB108 (WS), SB143 (WS), SB164 (WS), SB166 (WS), SB213 (WS), SB248 (WS), SB310 (WS), SB391 (WS), SB458 (WS)


SB179 (WS), SB343 (WS), SB363 (WS), SB415 (WS), SB440 (WS), SB441 (WS), SB455 (WS)

AB5, AB480, AB481, AB483

AB100 (WS), AB120 (WS), AB246 (WS), AB271 (WS), AB277 (WS)

AB97, AB414, AB444, AB470

SB290, SB383

AB299, AB428, AB473

AB408 (WS), AB422 (WS), AB424 (WS)

SB395, SB400, SB411, SB417

SB158 (WS), SB168 (WS), SB228 (WS), SB229 (WS), SB236 (WS), SB280 (WS), SB329 (WS), SB341 (WS), SB344 (WS), SB360 (WS), SB374 (WS), SB375 (WS), SB378 (WS), SB396 (WS), SB416 (WS), SB433 (WS), SB449 (WS)


AB3 (WS), AB12 (WS), AB83 (WS), AB109 (WS), AB161 (WS), AB163 (WS), AB165 (WS), AB194 (WS), AB206 (WS), AB222 (WS), AB267 (WS), AB328 (WS), AB339 (WS), AB405 (WS), AB425 (WS), AB458 (WS)

AB409, AB491

SB261, SB295

SB233 (WS), SB265 (WS), SB323 (WS), SB324 (WS), SB325 (WS), SB366 (WS), SB432 (WS), SB480 (WS), SB509 (WS)

AJR2 (WS), SB84 (WS), SB93 (WS), SB144 (WS), SB491 (WS)

SB303, SB410, SB457, SB503