by peter5427

The amended version of this bill goes a long way to assuring that a patient will not be forced into assisted suicide. Nevertheless the problem remains that a HEALTH care provider is put into a position to hasten a patient’s death, and that (of course) anyone else caught assisting a patient determined to commit suicide is still in serious legal trouble.

We must NEVER raise a sliver of doubt in the mind of any patient that the people the patient counts on for help and care may in fact be acting as instruments of that patient’s death. Matters of that gravity must be decided by the patient, or by a hopefully compassionate jury. But it must never be written into law, because we know all too well that any and all laws are at risk of some very shockingly unreasonable reinterpretation by bureaucrats and courts.

by peter5427

You just know there has to be something very wrong with a bill that takes a simple idea — a patient’s right to decide his own fate — and requires no less than THIRTY TWO pages to express it. Even just the Legislative Counsel’s Digest runs to 2 pages.

But we are talking about here a requirement placed on a doctor to violate his Hippocratic Oath and actually do harm. Sorry, I want to be sure I can trust my doctor not to kill me. No amount of bureaucratic CYA can cover up the fact that the scheme proposed in this bill is nothing but a conspiracy to end someone’s life. Isn’t that the very definition of the most serious crime of all, premeditated murder? Euthanasia has a very nasty history of serious abuse, and cases of it in western Europe used to be well documented even in our own “main stream media” — before 0bamacare.

What’s worse, in the early discussions about 0bamacare, before and after it became law, there were medical “ethicists” proposing that (1) the elderly have a duty to die, and (2) it is perfectly legal, moral and ethical for a health insurance plan and a health care provider to REFUSE coverage and care after the patient has reached a certain age — and in the case of the much celebrated British health care system that age is 75, and the care they refuse is minor things like treating for cancer, heart attack, and kidney and other organ failure. Well, my mother had a heart attack and a triple bypass at age 77, and lived to 96. Under present and proposed circumstances,  who among us will have a chance to match that?

No, no, no. THIS is one door we do NOT want to open. I am not surprised to see this bill having 16 Democrat sponsors,, but I should be surprised and very disappointed to see our very own Senator Kieckhefer give them the veneer of “bipartisanship” for such a monstrous notion.

by janine

In the Netherlands patients wear signs around their necks saying, “Please don’t kill me.”  Where is the compassion? Older and disabled people are vulnerable to becoming a burden in the Obamacare system. So it may be convenient to encourage them to kill themselves. What about someone who is depressed and needs help? This bill also requires the physician to lie on the death certificate and report that the patient died of their terminal illness. This is a convenient way to cover up how many people are being killed. Kill the pain…not the patient. We are not talking about allowing people to refuse extraordinary means, but active killing. What happens when the drugs go home? What abuse might take place?

There is worry in Canada that what is now voluntary participation in euthanasia will become a duty. This is of particular concern to religious hospitals and doctors. (See article below.)

Canadian doctors who signed up for euthanasia are changing their minds…in droves: