by truejoy927

I support AB313 which protects individual privacy against those who seek to collect, store, use or disclose geolocation information on citizens obtained from a electronic communication device.  We should have opt ins and warnings on our cell phones concerning data collection letting us know that we are being tracked and what the collectors are doing with our data. If we are being tracked, we should have the choice to opt out. I support the 4th Amendment to the Constitution and I hope you do too.

by peter 5427

You can configure the settings on your mobile device so as to deny the location-based apps their access to your GPS data. The price you pay for the inconvenience that this simple security measure causes is that when you ask, find the Starbuck’s near me, you have to tell it what town to look in.

What this bill SHOULD say is that it is illegal for these location-based apps to collect, save and market your data, unless you specifically allow them to do so; that is, require explicit opt-in. Why? Because currently they simply say, these are our terms of use, accept them or you can’t use the app.

Also please do note that even if this bill becomes law, it will NOT apply to any app created before it became law. Again what this bill SHOULD say is that it shall apply as soon as an app is UPDATED.

OK, now let the courts decide if “modified” (the term used in the bill) is the same as “updated.” Based on 38 years of experience in Silicon Valley, I would insist that the two are NOT the same. And therefore I would seriously doubt if this bill would apply to the biggest offenders against your privacy, such as Google, FaceBook, Amazon, etc.