Upcoming bills of special interest (week of April 3):

SB20, SB143, SB154, SB213, SB301, SB313, SB386, “education” bills — NO

SB93, voting by mail — no

SB94, SB94, register to vote on election day — NO

SB122, SB122, state funds to Planned Parenthood — NO

SB126, business loans to minorities and women — NO

SB186, SB186, office of new Americans — NO

SB419, no sales tax on medical equipment — Yes

SB434, SB434, city attorney to be appointed — NO

AB422, SB228, SB236, SB302, SB329SB375SB396, SB416, SB487, SB508
more marijuana crap

SB279, mayors to perform marriages — NO

SB325, SB325, children of illegals on Medicaid — no

SB363, SB363, small airport subsidies — No

SB439, increase taxes on diesel — no

SB447, permanent absentee voting by the disabled — yes

SB458, statewide longitudinal data system — NO, hell NO

SB378, SB378, decriminalize “medical” MJ — yes?

SB517, SB517, state bank — NO

AB104, SB94, same day registration and voting — NO

AB206, AB206, “green” energy — NO

AB223, AB223, energy “efficiency” — No

AB270, AB270, net metering — No

AB272, SB492, vote in any precinct — NO

AB280, preference for NV businesses — yes

AB281, AB281, commerce tax relief — Yes

AB292, report bullying to board of trustees — no

AB298, water

AB313, limits on GPS data collection and use –YES

AB331, create the Nevada System of Community Colleges — ???

AB342, small “green” energy provider not defined as a utility — no

AB348, AB348, sex “education” — NO

AB375, special tax for flood control — no

AB405, “right” to “green” energy — no

AB451, trustees to have professional training — NO NO NO

AB452, study of energy choice — (whatever)

SJR3, move voter rights from NRS 293.2546 into the constitution — NO

SJR4, Amendment to reverse Citizens United.
I’m in favor of the idea but feel that it is none of the NV legislature’s business either way. Under the US Constitution, we can write our own State rules. As to Citizens United, please see

AJR9, not to repeal 0bamacare — NO

AJR10, AJR10, no nuclear waste storage at Yucca Mountain — NO