by fishingrampa

Yes and NO. This bill amounts to the good, the bad and frustrating.

First it would allow a voter with a physical disability to request an absent ballot just once each year for all elections that year rather than requesting an absent ballot for each election.

Now for the bad and frustrating.

It would also remove the requirement of designating, at the time of the absent ballot request, the person who would assist the voter in marking and signing the the ballot.This would leave the disabled voter exposed to potential abuse by an unscrupulous ne’er-do-well bent on taking advantage of the disabled voter.

by peter5427

You are assuming it would be the same helper all year long. They are assuming it could be a different person each time. Hence the real purpose of this and other “voter rights” bills — easier fraud.

A serious bill of this sort would

  • Require the disabled person to be a registered voter.
  • Identify the helper.
  • Require the helper to be a registered voter.
  • And to be of the same party.

Why? To maximize the likelihood that the disabled person’s vote is correct.