by fishingrampa

NO NO NO. This bill would establish the Nevada State Infrastructure Bank.  These people have become so communist they outright call this a bank.  It would allow the state of Nevada to loan money to local governments for infrastructure which would inhibit the ability of for profit private banks.

by peter5427

In a free country founded on free enterprise, the proper way to finance public projects is through a bond issue, which allows private institutions to bid on it. THEY already have the funds, or investors with funds, to lend as needed. Where is the state bank supposed to get the funds to compete with private institutions?

WHAT in the NV Constitution allows the State to do this? Which Democrat (or Republican) would even bother with questions like that? WHEN did we pass a constitutional amendment that says Nevada is now a socialist state? Because when government owns and runs a business, that is the textbook definition of socialism. Are tax breaks and preferences for home-grown businesses not enough? Even they skirt the NV Constitution perilously close.