Update: The NRP reports that this bill has been pulled.

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The title says it all. NO.

It is so laughable to see Democrats standing up for …the 9th and 10th Amendments??? …States’ rights???? Will miracles never cease?

Actually, the last time Democrats stood up for States’ Rights was in 1861. Then as now, they were doing it FOR slavery. Oh my God, how can you say that?! I can say that because, as everyone knows, illegals are exploited, paid less than normal wages, doing some of the worst jobs, because if they complain, there is always the threat of deportation. I’ve seen it myself, in places that are now so proudly proclaiming themselves to be “sanctuary cities.” Oh, yea. Contractors and others need the cheap labor. But before anybody goes off the rails, remember this. We DO have a system of LEGAL immigration. A million or more are admitted every year. We DO have a legal system of work visas. Countless more are admitted every year under that program. If the problem south of the border is economic, we also do have American companies moving jobs there. Yea, yea, some of them are coming back because of that evil Trump and his MAGA. We also buy very large amounts of goods produced there — legal goods, not just street drugs. Even “CA grown” now comes from Mexico and other places. But those countries have a ruling class that is all too happy to solve their social problems by dumping them on us, and we too have a ruling class all too happy to use illegals to keep our wages down. And they both like to claim, everybody wins. Do we? Just one question. What will they all do when our nerds carry technology to the point when all manual laborers are replaced by robots? A recent news item reports that one robot replaces six humans…

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