by fishingrampa

NO. Banning plastic bags, fining users and creating a department to inspect retail stores is stupid.

In our area the only place I see a plastic bag problem is at the dump.  But oh my, should we expect the government to control its property.

by peter5427

Good grief. Is it so hard to take your plastic bags down to Smith’s to be recycled??? If it is, because (presumably) most people are irresponsible slobs, I’d rather see the Dems propose making bags from biodegradable plastic. It’s been years since people figured out how to make that from corn. There is simply no excuse anymore for not making packaging from non-biodegradable plastic. Not even cost.

The fact is, we are NOT Europeans. We don’t go shopping for just a bagful every day. We shop for the week. We don’t know and don’t care to know how many bags we’ll need to take the groceries home. Also, it rains even in the desert; and paper bags disintegrate in the rain. Finally, who among us owns a dozen or more cloth bags, and even if, how many of those will remember to take them to the store? This idea is simply un-American.