by fishingrampa

NO. Requires that a vehicle in the far left lane (properly known as the #1 lane) to move to the right when a faster vehicle is over taking the slower vehicle. This bill makes no mention as to whether the overtaking vehicle is speeding.  First of all we are not in California.  I pay for all of the pavement that is used to build our roads. The #1 lane is the safest lane to travel in.  I have a right to travel in the safest lane.  This bill does not take into account that if all lanes except the #1 lane are traveling at a common speed below the speed limit it may not be plausible to make this lane adjustment.  As written this bill would coerce  drivers to aid and abet the criminal offense of speeding.

by peter5427

Oh sigh. Can’t agree with you on this one. Every state I’ve driven in has laws against hogging the fast lane. The reason is always the same. It’s unsafe because it forces the idiots to pass you on the right, in the middle of slow pokes. You are not the police, it’s none of your business if the idiot is speeding or not. YOU are obligated always to drive in an safe manner. Also, emergency vehicles have priority to use the fast lane.

by fishingrampa

Maybe the speeders should slow down and not expect me to endanger myself so they can endanger everybody.  Of course emergency vehicles have priority.  There are already laws for that. There is no such thing as the “fast lane” in Nevada.

If I am traveling at or above the posted speed limit it is my lane and I will stay put.  I pay for all the pavement used on our roads and will use them for any legal purpose available.
Actually the DMV uses “fast lane” to indoctrinate new drivers in their own version of how they want the roads used.  It has no bases in law.  I have already won this case in court twice.