by fishingrampa

No. While this bill brings back the primary it allows same day registration
AT the polling place.

by simi4relo


by peter5427

NO. Stop it already. This is getting very tiring, very sickening.

Your right to vote is sacred. Your duty to vote is sacred. A democratic republic does not work if people don’t vote AND if people cheat at voting. That’s why we have voter registration, before election day, so that registering voters can be properly vetted.

It is NOT possible to vet voters while they are trying to vote! The infrastructure simply does not exist to do instant verification of voter registration, identity, residence, citizenship (birth certificate, naturalization certificate, passport), and having or not having already voted in another precinct, county or state.

All these schemes (same day voting, motor voter, any precinct voting, etc.) are just schemes to make voter fraud possible; no, not just possible but very easy and therefore very likely.

Every election’s aftermath reports include floods of stories about voter fraud; illegals being bused from one polling place to another, students bragging how they voted 5 times in different polling places, etc. This is not a myth.