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I was a caseworker for the Nevada Department of Prisons for 20 years and I support  the death penalty. I worked with inmates on death row.  Some of the crimes they committed are so heinous, it is good these murderers are confined in high security. I oppose the years of legal litigation that is allowed before the sentence of death is carried out.  Most of these murderers have no remorse and are extremely dangerous.  Death is what they deserve.

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Oftentimes murderers are willing to confess if they can plea-bargain.  If facing the death penalty they might be willing to make a plea deal for life without parole, but if there is no death penalty, then these dangerous criminals will plea for life with parole, and they will most likely walk free someday.

In extreme criminal cases, such as when a defendant has been convicted of deliberately killing another, the careful and judicious use of the death penalty may be appropriate if carefully employed.

Being on Death Row is a more difficult way to spend time in prison because privileges are comparatively restricted versus the rest of the inmate population.  This is how it should be.  Killers should not have such an easy time doing their sentences.