by aynmaple

Vote NO on this bill.  We live in a desert.  The State Engineer has not limited new subdivisions.  So, the powers that be do not want to accept that we cannot supply water for unlimited population growth.  Now you want to be able to tell people who get their water from  a domestic well that they cannot water their trees and vegetable gardens but people in the cities can enjoy water parks, golf courses, swimming pools, manmade lakes, fountains, new lawns etc etc.?  This is madness!  What gives you the right to take my water and give it to others with no restrictions? This is a TAKING.

by mybridgy

Water is as basic a need as air and such restriction can deprive a citizen of their livelihood and could render land useless and unsalable.  Such power given to one bureaucrat is an invitation to corruption.  Just imagine yourself being subject to such heavy handed rule by a political adversary.  This must not pass.

by simi4relo

These bills change domestic wells and water rights that basically puts ranchers, farmers and others within the NV city/county water system, limits wells, could charge for water, etc.

Vote NO. Places domestic wells under the authority of the State Engineer, one guy who can curtail usage of the water from a domestic well. It is proposed that water be used only for indoor use and for pets and livestock. No more trees and gardens (and what about agriculture?).  This is unprecedented authority and should not be tolerated.