Upcoming bills of special interest (week of March 27):

AB7, makes NV education law conform with federal education law — NO
(ESEA, NCLB, ESSA are all unconstitutional)

AB80, redevelopment plans — ??? (someone with expertise please advise)

AB115, PAs and APRNs to fill out DNRs and other forms — yes
AB116, APRNs to provide certain medical services — yes
These two are Dr. Titus’s bills.

AB265, ditto — no
This one looks like the same bill(s) — but political petulance dictates that the sponsor NOT be a Republican?

AB284, more on PAs — (yes?)

AB281, under $4M gross receipts declaration on business license renewal — YES

AB366, behavioral health “regions” and policies — no

AB237, no death penalty — yes
(This is my personal view; there can’t be “legal” and “illegal” conspiracies to commit obviously premeditated murder. The distinction is meaningless.)

AB270, AB270, net metering — No

AB314, estates and trusts — ??? (someone with expertise please advise)

AB321, local gov. to list rentals for transients — no

AB275, “integrated student support” protocols — NO

AB297, internet sales of personal property to be completed person to person in local police or fire station — ???

AB293, presidential primary — No. I like caucuses.

AB325, Task Force on the Modernization of State Government — a very cautious yes, providing that someone like Ron Knecht is in charge.

AB342, AB405, renewable energy — NO
(there ain’t no such thang and it’s viable only with massive subsidies)

AB400, transfers copyright to author of educational materials — Yes

AB406, “prevaling wages” — no

SB47, SB271, SB269, SB270, SB272, WATER WATER WATER — ??? (someone with expertise please advise)

SB50, advanced directives for psychiatric care — ??? (someone with expertise please advise)

SB107, ethnic and diversity studies in high school — NO NO NO
(teach the American Constitution, civics and our common history instead)

SB144, voting on any polling place, on-line registration, etc. — NO NO NO

SB149, regional transit, plus more taxes — NO

SB156, child safety seats — no (covered by federal law)

SB196, sets sick leave requirements — no

SB253, time off for pregnancy — ??? (someone with expertise please advise)

SB264 — anyone with a corp. or LLC, pay attention to this one

SB265, NV modifications to federal prescription drug laws? — no

SB279, mayors to perform marriages –no

SB329, SB341, SB344, SB374, SB378, more provisions to facilitate marijuana use — NO
(and you were wondering what else the good senator MJ could come up with?)

SB343, the myth that men make more than women — NO

SB352, property tax relief on replacement of home — YES

SB349, SB349, Volens et Potens — NO

SB363, SB363, small airport subsidies — No

SB419, no tax on medical equipment — yes


AJR10*, citizen commission to determine salaries — yes

SJR8, Congress NOT to repeal 0bamacare — NO

SJR10, no Convention of States — YES