by fishingrampa

NO. This is a sanctuary bill created to counter SB319.

This bill would disallow DMV from notifying the Secretary of State of possible illegal voter registrations, while SB319 would require the DMV to notify the Secretary of State of  possible illegal voter registration.

by peter5427

After a century or more of relentless left-wing expansion of a progressive big government, and destruction of the very notion of federalism, it is so funny to see progressives all of a sudden stand up for “states rights.”

What is not funny is that in 160+ years nothing changed. Before the Civil War, Democrats were the party of slavery. In this decade they came full circle. This time they rise to protect an updated form of slavery — allegedly “protecting” illegal immigrants who work for pittance, under threat of deportation if they complain. It’s still just an new class of “massa” who want this, but for the very same reason.