by fishingrampa

SB380 establishes and defines what a “local” lobbyist is, and prohibits the giving of gifts to local legislative bodies, i.e. County Commissioners and City councils and their various committees.

This bill codifies in law what the Ethics Commission has been doing.  It brings the local governing bodies under very similar controls our State officials deal with.

While it may seem cumbersome to the honest officials and Local Lobbyists it may help cure some of Carson City’s corruption by creating a little distance between the cheaters.

by peter5427

It looks like this bill extends to the local level the reforms brought to you by the previous session in the form of SB307 (2015). Look up the lecture by the LCB given to potential lobbyists on this topic back in January. Lobbyist January 12, 2017 Training Video. Then ask yourself, why are there so many lawyers in the legislature.