by fishingrampa

No. It would give grants to Air Carriers that use small airports.
It would invest 80% while the small airport or airport sponsor would invest 20%.  It would also guarantee a “profit goal”.

If small air carrier business into small airports is profitable then private investors would and should make this investment.

Government should not risk my tax money or interfere with private investment opportunity.

by peter5427

I think this bill is a throwback to the days when the government subsidized air service on unprofitable routes to remote towns.

I remember the howls that went up when UA cut such service after deregulation. I saw that as an illustration of a business having to cover its costs. They saw that as corporate greed for refusing to use profits from high volume routes to subsidize low volume routes.

But good news, folks! This bill provides for yet another commission, yet another program, yet another program to grow government. Doncha know? the state government is still not big enough…