by janine

Allow Private, Charter, and Parochial School Children to Participate in Interscholastic Sports and Events

This bill requires the rules and regulations of the Nevada Interscholastic School Association to allow a pupil who is enrolled in a charter school, private school or parochial school to participate in a sanctioned sport or any other interscholastic event at a public school if: (1) the pupil resides in the school district in which the public school is located; and (2) the sanctioned sport or other interscholastic event is not offered at the charter school, private school or parochial school.

Children will benefit if they have the opportunity to participate in interscholastic sports and events. Our taxes pay for the schools and all children should have access

by peter5427

Why? If certain parents have the temerity to shun public school, they must be punished by banning their kids from normal after-school activities. (Oh, for heaven’s sake, YES on SB352!)