by fishingrampa

SB326 seeks to give priority entry at child care facilities to children of armed forces members.

It is not appropriate for government to tell a business how to operate.  This amounts to a taking as it hinders the rights of business to set their own priorities within their business.

Secondarily but no less important is that it is not in the spirit of our founding documents that allow the creation of special groups.  We should not have a cast society nor should we recreate tribalism.  We have worked the entire life of this country to throw off the shackles of tribalism.

by peter5427

Yes, our military need and deserve all sorts of help to supplement their meager pay.

But this bill, and several others, are consistent with one very destructive idea about government and the theory of governance. And that is the view, shared by people across the entire political spectrum from far left to far right, is that if we must have government at all for whatever reason, well, that government better work for ME. So, shower ME  with all sorts of benefits because I need it, I deserve it; and if you won’t give it to me and my friends, then I’ll vote, we’ll vote for someone who will.

Is this clear enough?

The problem is, there is a name for this attitude and it is not democracy or republic, or a constitutional democratic republic. You know the word for this “ism,”it isn’t just crony capitalism; it begins with an “f.” I DON’T think THAT is what our military is fighting for.