by peter5427

I have no choice but to recommend a NO vote on this bill. It makes many many meaningless changes, and then it makes many more unintelligible changes.

I see no meaningful, substantive or intelligible change in changing “weapon” to “weapon or firearm.” It’s like saying “vegetables or carrots.” A weapon is a weapon. “Weapon” includes “firearm.”

If the intention is to say, the only type of weapon a person shall legally carry, open or concealed, is a firearm, then the bill should say so clearly. If the intention is to outlaw machetes and other knives, then the bill should say so clearly.

If the intention is to re-define the legal concept of “weapon,” then the bill should NOT do so only in the confines of this bill , but in a part of the NRS that addresses itself to definitions applicable throughout the NRS. But, of course, there are many places in the NRS where terms are defined and lists are presented in a manner similar to but not identical to each other, so the question always arises, why the differences and which definition or list is valid? Clarity and consistency are served only by reference to a set of stable definitions which do not change depending on context.

Does it really make sense that you can carry a gun but not a machete?

Does if really make sense that, in the name of protecting a potential victim of domestic violence, the potential offender is allowed to pack a gun with a ccw permit, but not without a ccw permit? First of all, under current law it is already a violation to carry concealed without a permit, and secondly, it makes no difference to the victim if the perpetrator has a ccw permit or not. What matters is that he is armed.

But the most fundamental legal question is, WHY engage in the construction of the unconstitutional house of cards that is built from all the gun laws? The US Constitution’s Second Amendment clearly states that The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. No conditions; Shall Not Be Infringed. Not for ANY reason.

by fishingrampa

This bill seems to create a separate and distinct class of weapon so firearms can be carried concealed without permit but other “weapons” have to be permitted for concealed carry.

Makes no sense because all “weapons” fall under the second amendment.