by simi4relo

[This is an] unnecessary and wasteful legislation. When it comes to public policy surrounding the possession of wildlife, there are 3 main responsibilities to consider; public safety, animal welfare; and invasive species risk. All of these are thoroughly covered under current NRS, NAC, and local ordinances. So there is no reason for this bill.

The reason this bill is even here is clear and evident if you understand the agenda of the animal rights movement. AB238 is part of the massive, nationwide campaign by extremist animal rights organizations such as PETA, the Humane Society of the United States, and Animal Legal Defense fund to end all animal use including food animals and even domestic pets! Basically, these animal rights groups are the Bloomberg’s of the animal industry. They attack the easy targets first, in this case non-domestic animals, to get their foot in the door, then they keep coming back to take more and more. They are extremely well funded by kind hearted citizens, to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollar per year, and they use that money to destroy animal culture through legislation. While they have spent tens of thousands of dollars in Nevada on lobbyists and activists, they have not spent one penny to help any animals in Nevada. Please see below for more details on this terrible bill.