by janine

Stop over-appropriation of water by State Engineer and protect the natural property rights of domestic well owners. No meters on future domestic wells.

This bill grants extensions of time to water rights to prove beneficial use during a drought. This helps to prevent water rights from being forfeited from non use. Over appropriation means more water rights are issued and being held than the actual amount of wet water replenished annually to the basin by rain and snow (perennial yield). The state engineer has caused over- appropriation (too many water rights) by allowing extensions and refusing to make water right holders prove beneficial use as the law mandates. Water rights are being held as an investment and not for what Nevada Water Law intended. The state engineer is attempting to create a new designation called severally over-appropriated basin where new domestic wells water allotment will be reduced by 75% and require meters. The state engineer has caused over-appropriation by granting endless extensions to water rights that have no water. They are attempting to steal the shortfall from domestic wells. There are 60,000 afa (acre feet annually) of paper water rights issued in basin 162 (Pahrump). There is only 12,000 afa of annual recharge to the aquifer. They are attacking domestic wells to help cover the paper fraud.