by peter5427

Here is a real profile in courage… It’s best to let women speak on this one.

But how sad that any such organization is “legitimate” only if it promotes a far left agenda, and has the gall to demand public assistance to do it.

by simi4relo

I am writing to urge a NO vote on AB258.  The NV Commission on Women does not represent me, my family or my friends.

The Commission supports the murder of the most innocent little human beings via Planned Parenthood.

The Commission supported Question 1 on the ballot last November.

The Commission’s feminist agenda is unwarranted and unnecessary. A good percentage of you, serving on this Committee and in the Legislature, are women and you were elected because of your hard work, just like a man would have to do. Your pay is equal to that of a man in your position. And so it goes for women in NV everywhere, in any occupation.  We women are recognized and applauded already and we don’t need another governmental agency – at taxpayers’ expense – lobbying for us and telling the world how wonderful we are. We do that every day in our actions and our deeds.

Everything this Commission represents and supports is antithetical to my political and religious beliefs. How about celebrating women’s accomplishments who have achieved great things on their own without the benefit of a purely political and leftist agenda-driven entity such as the Commission on Women?  NO on AB258.

by janine

The Nevada Women’s Commission with the Chair from Planned Parenthood doesn’t represent me or my family. Their Women’s Commission’s feminist agenda is hostile to my political beliefs. The Women’s Commission supported the anti-gun Ballot Question 1 on the November 2016 ballot.  Do not support the blatantly political Women’s Commission.

According to Chairwoman Elston these are the Commissions 5 areas of interest from the April 21, 2016 Report to the Sunset Subcommittee of the Legislative Commission: “Pay Equity, Paid Leave, Child Care Subsidies, Domestic Violence safety connected to the forfeiture of firearms from convicted abusers, Ballot Initiative “Question 1″ to require background checks on more guns sales and transfers.”