by simi4relo

Under the guise of creating a “safe and respectful learning environment” SB 225 would require all private schools, including religious schools, to adopt anti-bullying policies and practices, provide instruction to staff and students, and communicate messages that conflict with the schools’ beliefs regarding human sexuality or the immutability of biological sex.

For example, a religious school could be found in violation of SB 225 if it:

  • Maintained separate showers, locker rooms, and restrooms based on biological sex;
  • Implemented a dress code that required students to dress consistent with their biological sex;
  • Held a chapel service where Biblical teachings regarding humans sexuality and the belief  that marriage is between a man and woman are taught to the students.

SB 225 imposes state-sanctioned views regarding sexual orientation and gender identity upon religious schools, violating the freedom of speech, religion, and association afforded to private schools. This bill clearly infringes on the right of religious schools to speak and act consistent with their religious beliefs.