by peter5427

A lifetime ago I earned my Ph.D. in physics. That gives me some background in this issue. Over the past 7 years I’ve been trying to educate certain NV officials on this issue, but there is no budging them. The memories of the open air nuclear bomb tests in the 1950s are too bitter. Like every partially educated people, they too are freaked out by the very word, “nuclear.”(See also

I think it’s a huge mistake to oppose using Yucca Mountain as a repository. Of course it is also a huge mistake not to reprocess the “waste,” but you have to get it here first before you can reprocess it and resell it. Both would bring a lot of revenue and many high paying jobs to NV. Nothing wrong with that — is there?

It would also greatly enhance national security by keeping the materials in a safe, remote location. At present all that stuff is stored in situ all over the country in insecure sites; easy pickings for terrorists looking to build a dirty bomb. Yes, there is too a way to get it to Yucca Mountain in a safe and secure manner. Or they can relocate to Hawthorne. Or both.

by simi4relo

AJR10 opposes any development of Yucca Mtn. as a repository or storage or anything.  We have the technology and potential to develop something safe and a benefit to the entire nation and planet. Why would turn our backs on that? AJR10 does NOT reflect the will of the people of Nevada.