by peter5427

It is none of the legislature’s business as a body to petition the US Senate as a body. The legislature gave up that right when they passed the constitutional amendment to elect US senators by popular vote as opposed to the way it was before, appointed by the legislature as the State’s “ambassadors” to the federal government. As individual citizens, just like every other American citizen,  legislators they have First Amendment rights to petition individual US senators, including the Senators from their State, on any topic that they choose, including this one.

But let’s not mince words and evade fundamental, scientific, inconvenient facts.
(1) Getting pregnant is not unavoidable, accidental, or incidental like catching a cold. It requires a specific deliberate act carried to its natural conclusion.
(2) Abortion is an invasive, medically and psychologically traumatic surgical procedure. The “tissue mass” is not a cyst, wart or tumor; it is a rapidly growing and developing human fetus. And therefore abortion is premeditated murder, a conspiracy between the mother and her abortionist.

As a matter of legal reasoning, it is highly hypocritical of members of the legislature and their like-minded peers in the judiciary and elsewhere to
(1) argue in case after case in favor of every damned foreign rabble’s American civil rights under the US Constitution, as is evident in the extrajudicial opinions of two blatantly political federal judges when the issued TROs against President Trump’s executive orders on jihadist immigration, as well as in this legislature’s very own SB223 calling for refusing to enforce immigration laws, while at the same time
(2) argue in favor of the premeditated murder of soon to be US citizens, as they do in this resolution. It goes against the very foundation, the moral and legal foundation, of our civilization, beginning with the Commandment Thou Shalt Not Murder.

When we argue for the regulation of immigration and visitation by foreign rabble that have declared themselves openly and irrevocably hostile to our country and our very civilization, we are not arguing for our right to murder them; just to keep them out of here. But when people such as the sponsors of this resolution argue in favor of abortion (with no less than six where-as‘s), they are arguing for the right to murder Americans yet to be, soon to be born. The moral bankruptcy and hypocrisy, that such fuzzy thinking requires, is mind boggling.

How lucky for us that resolutions of this sort are legally non-binding, totally meaningless gestures.

by simi4relo

We need a Supreme Court Justice who will follow the Constitution. Abortion should not be the only litmus test for determining a Constitutionalist. Neil Gorsuch has already said that abortion is the law of the land and “it is important to respect precedent.” (Forbes Magazine, Feb. 1, 2017)

Additionally, our state should not be inserting itself into a national selection process, but allow the process to proceed as the Constitution allows.

I will not go into the emotional side of this argument, as I’m certain there is no winning when views are so opposing. On sheer logic and common sense, I urge a NO vote on AJR8.

by janine

We want a Supreme Court Justice who will protect the most innocent and vulnerable of humans-the unborn baby. Science has advanced significantly since the 1973 Roe v Wade abortion case. Ultrasounds leave us no doubt of the humanity of the unborn baby. Please protect the unborn while providing compassionate alternatives for the second victims of abortion-the women.