by truejoy

I oppose AB181-which restores A & B class Felons  the right to vote – Convicted Felons – A & B Class Felonies (most serious felonies, rape, murder, etc) – who have NOT paid restitution or fees owed, and have been given a DISHONORABLE discharge will be restored voting rights.  No way can I support this.  Having worked 20 years as a caseworker in the Nevada Department of Corrections, I have found these criminals are generally not of sound mind and have generally shown themselves to be irresponsible, needing a structured, controlled environment.  Many have addiction problems. Many are multiple offenders. Many are sociopaths.  And you want to give them the right to vote!  You may ask me where is my compassion.  My compassion is with the victims of their crimes.  Do you think victims of crime and their families would approve of this bill.  I do not think so.  Please vote “NO” to AB 181.