by peter5427 — update

News from Sweden provide background information that is highly relevant to this topic:

The rate of children seeking sex conversion is DOUBLING each year… At a YOUNGER and YOUNGER age… I don’t know how else to put it; THIS is proof that the very idea is a sign of mass hysteria and and individual mental illness. And has to be addressed not by accommodating this madness but by appropriate public health and individual psychological / psychiatric measures

by peter5427

Point 1, this bill is obviously unconstitutional, as it violates both the US and the Nevada constitutions.

Point 2, one symptom or source of mental illness, for which at this time in our history we seek professional help (and in older times sought the counsel of clergy), is the refusal or inability to accept reality. We are creatures with all sorts of immutable facts thrust upon us, which we did not choose but are nevertheless impressed upon us, such as being born human rather than some other creature; being endowed with outward attributes such as size, hair and eye color, etc.; being blessed or cursed with inner attributes such as personality, ambition, energy, drive, etc.; and of course whether we are born male or female. We did not choose any of that, yet have to accept them as fact and live with and adjust to the inevitable consequences. How we do that is the determining factor of who we are, whom we perceive ourselves and whom other perceive us to be, and how well we fulfill our role in family and society. The sex we are born with is very important, but it’s by far not the single most important factor in any of that.

Point 3, it is the job of parents to bring up their children to be healthy, happy and productive adults. Biology proceeds on its own timeline at its own pace, and makes us face unavoidable changes. The best we can do is cope and teach our children to cope as best we can. When these changes during childhood and puberty make us face our children’s budding sexuality, it is the responsibility of parents to set a healthy and moral example, to explain and when necessary to intervene and set the child on a course consistent with reality — NOT some fleeting subjective impression and misconception of reality, but the objective undeniable physical existential reality.

Point 4, in a pretty good analogy with computers, our bodies are the hardware, our genes are the firmware, our brains are the processor, and what we learn and conclude from our observations and learning is the software. Most people choose to learn to be upstanding productive moral members of society. Some people choose to learn to be brutally murderous terrorists. Some people choose to learn to delude themselves about their sexual identity. When you see that happening to your child, that’s when you as the parent have the responsibility to circle back to Point 3, and that’s when society has the responsibility to assist parents, not to hinder them with obstacles such as this misguided, unrealistic, politically inspired and motivated draconian bill.

by aynmaple

In opposition to this bill.  After hearing of the horrendous stories of people who had undergone conversion therapy I can understand the desire to make this therapy illegal.  However, my question is why is this bill necessary?  As written in the bill it dictates to LICENSED professionals.  Why hasn’t the licensed counseling community made it grounds for loss of licensing themselves?  Are they not policing the activities of their own?  Can’t they take away the licenses of practitioners who do things which harm people? Where are their professional boards?  If indeed there is absolutely no beneficial attributes of this treatment why is it in the hands of unlicensed politicians to dictate mental health treatments?  Or is this actually a political LGBTQ culture driven concept?  Parents should have the right to help their children as they see fit finding a licensed medical practitioner that they think can help.  The medical community should police their own as far as treatments which are truly barbarous and have no clinical value.

by simi4relo — update

SB 201 will prohibit licensed “psychotherapists,” from counseling minors regarding unwanted same-sex attraction and gender identity.  If a 6-year-old biological boy believes he’s a girl, this bill would prohibit counseling for that child about his biological sex.  He could only receive counseling affirming his choice to be a girl.

Under SB 201 “gender identity conversion therapy” is defined as any psychotherapy, counseling, hypnosis, or other treatment or therapy aimed at altering the gender-related identity of a person so that such gender identity, appearance, expression or behavior of a person,  regardless  of  the  person’s   assigned  sex  at  birth, is eliminated, reduced or, redirected to the person’s  assigned sex at birth.

A minor who is confused about their sexual orientation as a result of sexual abuse will be denied therapy simply because it is not LGBT affirming.  The child is, in effect, raped twice – first by the perpetrator and then again by the political environment, which refuses to treat the child unless he sees a LGBT-affirming therapist.

Every patient should be free to choose the therapy that they believe will best help them accomplish their therapeutic goals. SB201 interferes with the freedom and liberty interests of patients and their parents.

by simi4relo

This bill violates every natural law for parenting and religious liberty. With this bill, if a parent wants to discuss his child’s sexual identity with him  and the child is under 18, the parent could be subject to a CPS investigation and having the child forcibly removed??? Legislators, who died and made you God? These are issues to be handled within the confines of a family, not a bureaucracy or a courtroom. NO on SB201.

by janine

VIOLATES the Exercise of Right of Conscience, VIOLATES Parental Rights, Violates individual choice rights, Wipes out Religious Liberty!

-Violates parental rights to bring up their children. Will this lead to a parent’s attempt to counsel their child against LGBTQ ideas constitute child abuse and put them in jeopardy of having their children forcibly taken away?
-Nevada Constitution protects religious liberty. This bill eliminates religious liberty, the right of conscience and interferes with the Doctor and Patient relationship.
-This bill is a totalitarian anti-religious mandate which violates the fundamental right of conscience and CHOICE.