by peter5427

Sorry, NO. This is a continuation of the trend set by “physician’s assistants.” In the name of saving on the cost of what?

In medical practice, we’ve seen the “evolution” from a simple and clear system of doctors and nurses, to an increasingly confusing and bewildering array of doctors, physician’s assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses (a host of different kinds of nurses) and nurse’s aides. Last I looked, that is. But while all these new underlings can take some routine work off the doctor’s hands, none of them has the immediate responsibility of your life or death in his(her) hands as an anesthesiologist does. On the other hand, if the work of an anesthesiologist assistant has to be supervised, then why bother? The real anesthesiologist still has to be there, present in person. Where’s the savings?

I suggest the legislature stop tinkering and let professionals run their professional operations according to their best professional (and business) judgement, and not go off on tangents that REDUCE the level of competent care and INCREASE the cost of delivery of that care with armies of these partially trained and qualified people bloating the payroll. The one thing that your can’t escape from is the fact that YOUR doctor has to know YOU in order to give YOU proper care. Handing off your care to an assistant only reduces the time your doctor has with you to get to know you.

by simi4relo

I do not want to be lying in an operating room, in that unconscious state between life and death with an assistant anesthesiologist. Nor would I want that for my loved ones or my friends. We are not talking about a Physician’s Assistant or a Dental Hygienist who helps a doctor or dentist in the office.  Anethesiology is a highly trained science and certainly every bit as important as the surgeon, if not moreso. No amount of licensing or regulation can take the place of the skill, training and EXPERIENCE of a professional anesthesiologist. Not every surgery is pro forma or by the book. Not every patient is a textbook example and handles anesthesia or surgery the same way. There are differences in every surgery, in every patient and every patient deserves the professionalism of a trained anesthesiology DOCTOR during that delicate and precarious balance between life and death. Please vote against SB210.