by simi4relo

Please do not allow these changes to be implemented to our election laws. This is rife with the potential for voter fraud. At least with a deadline for registering to vote, the County Registrar has time to verify and perhaps weed out duplicates or incomplete registration forms. Registering and voting on the same day do not allow that time to verify. If people would take the privilege of voting seriously, they would find the time to register before the deadline. Registering to vote and voting is our most sacred right in this country and to dilute it down to a “convenience” for those who cannot be inconvenienced to register by the deadline is to denigrate the rest of us who do take that very special privilege seriously.

by fishingrampa

Registering to vote on the day of the election is a disaster for election security.
We already have early voting and absentee voting, they offer their own security and accuracy problems.  We don’t need another way to manipulate the vote.

by peter5427

Voting is the only way most people have to express their expectations from government. The opportunity comes only every two years for representatives in the Legislature and Congress, every four years for most other local, state and federal offices. Yet every day government displays its arrogant disregard and contempt for the people, both by the elected officials and especially by the unelected bureaucracy who are protected by Civil Service and government employee unions. This bill is an example of that contempt, by providing for yet another easy way to commit voter fraud. They may refuse to run the studies or to pursue obvious cases, but the anecdotal evidence having poured in after every election  in the past decades is convincing. Many of us have been eye witnesses to the collusion between fraudulent voters and unscrupulous poll workers. No, voting is too sacred an act of civic responsibility to water it down with legalized acts of all too easy fraud.