by fishingrampa

This bill will allow peace officers conceal their their physical address on their drivers license.  A peace officers life is not more important than mine or the lives of my grandchildren.  Our country is not built on privilege nor is it supposed to be a cast society.

Authorities use response time to justify mandating that a physical address be on a drivers license.  I can tell you that excuse is BS.  Every bit of information the government holds on a person is quickly available to all officers.  Well I guess we don’t need to respond quickly to a cops issue.

My security is just as important as anybody else.  Consider that if I loose my wallet and it contains a receipt for my home theater a potential crook, finding my wallet, would know where that home theater is.  If your 15 year old granddaughter tries to buy cigarettes, the creep at the liquor store now knows where she lives.  Are you comfortable with that ?

I should be able to conceal my physical address.  If I cannot then a cop should not.
No cop is more special than I am.