by roger.haynes

YES.  Provides a method for parents to drop off children at these facilities, then continue on to their work or other endeavors.  I know a single mother who’s child was subject to an attempted kidnap.  The mom now carries everywhere she goes.  This allows her to go on school or child care property to drop off or pick up her child while carrying then she can continue on with her other activities.

by peter5427

I am a purist. The Second Amendment says, the right of the people…. shall not be infringed. ALL laws regulating the right to keep and bear arms are unconstitutional. Sure, this is the old salami game, but this time as incremental movement in the right direction. I am so sick of this nonsense. Legalize the right of self-defense, the right to protect your family and property; period.

by fishingrampa

Yes I guess
SB102 This bill will allow guns on higher ed and K-12 campi as well as private school campi and at daycare facilities so long as they remain in an auto and locked up.  There is no provision as how they may be used, so I guess you can have it but not use it.
Additionally, school buses are specifically off limits to gun possession.
I guess it is a start or maybe a throw away bill.

by peter5427

This is nonsense. There is nothing more useless than a gun locked up in your car when you need it inside the building. How would anyone even know if you do or don’t have a gun in your car. The only way this bill might make any sense is if it gave you legal protection in case you HAD to use your gun in defense of the kids — whether you have a CC permit or not. It does NOT do that. Instead it codifies arbitrary restrictions on the CC permit. So what, besides a stupid theory of incrementalism, is being served by this bill?

This bill and all other gun-related bills are unconstitutional because of the way the Second Amendment is written: The right of the people… shall not be infringed. Not by anyone, not for any reason or excuse.

by simi4relo

SB102: CCW holders can carry a firearm in a vehicle on school property including private, public and institutions of higher learning.

This proposed legislation allows for a person who holds a permit to carry a concealed firearm to possess and store their handgun in a vehicle that is on the property of the Nevada System of Higher Education or a private or public school or child care facility in certain circumstances.
This is a common-sense bill that is consistent with other provisions regarding concealed carry.