by peter5427

I oppose all bills that propose increasing taxes without including an exemption from the increases for retired people on severely limited income. Retirees have a rapidly diminishing option to go back into the workforce. Retirees dependent on Social Security have not had a C.O.L.A. in years, the past administration having decreed that there was no inflation. Yet the cost of everything is going up anyway.

The least that the legislature can do is freeze the taxes on the homes that retirees are trying desperately to keep — and therefore keep the cost of government in check so they would not keep coming back for THEIR C.O.L.A.’s year after year. Stop acting like the insatiable beast.

by truejoy

I oppose AB43 which removes  the Property Tax Cap and would increases Nevadans property taxes.  As if we did not have enough tax increases last session. All you do is tax and spend, increasing entitlements and hurting the working class. Presently, we pay over 50% of our income in taxes, when you combine federal, state, and local county and city taxes.  For most workers real wages have not kept up with the increase in the price of goods. Additionally, what about those on fixed income?  If you care about the working class, vote “NO” on AB43.

by simi4relo

Please do not vote to raise property taxes. our incomes have not grown commensurately with the increase in taxes of all kinds in this state. Our buying power is not much more than it was 30 years ago, whereas taxes have gone up and up. If this bill passes, it will hurt more Nevadans than it will help.

by aynmaple

Please oppose AB43.  The taxpayers of Nevada are paying enough.  Every time we turn around government at each level is increasing taxes on us and giving or spending the money on special interests and new programs.  There has to come a time for government to be required to prioritize their spending.  As individuals we have to prioritize our spending and postpone spending on “nice to have” and pay for the “must do.”   The state just got the largest tax increase in our history and now the local government wants another big increase.  I understand that the margins tax does not help the county government but they need to consider the effect of all of these other increases on their citizens.

by Janine

This bill changes that formula for determining property taxes by removing the current cap so your county can raise your property taxes. This is done by removing the partial abatement of property taxes which has the effect of establishing a cap on property taxes. AB43 was brought by the Association of Counties to allow them to raise your property taxes.

by peter5427

Sales tax increases, corporate income tax increases (whatever you call them, margin tax, commerce tax, etc.) are always justified partly by claiming that the bulk of the tax falls on people outside the State — visitors, tourists, out-of-state customers. That may be true, but the PROPERTY tax falls only in RESIDENTS. You have to own property HERE to pay it. Therefore it hurts nobody but us, especially those of us who have nowhere else to live but in our own homes. We only have one choice: pay it or lose our homes.

I advocate property tax RELIEF for residents, especially the retired elderly. Government officials and employees simply have to learn to live within their means. THEY have the government’s police powers to raise and increase their revenue, WE working and retired people  don’t. Working people are subject to the vagaries of the economy, and retirees are subject to the enforced generosity  of those who are still working to get a paycheck.