by mybridgy

AB249 would force taxpayers to pay for abortions through Medicaid which violates my religious rights.

by simi4relo

NO on AB249, which calls for tax-funded contraceptives and abortions through Medicaid. Religious organizations should not be forced to pay for abortions. This is an attack on religious liberty and the Legislators are getting “robo-calls” by the hundreds in favor of this bill.

The Senate has a similar bill and we need to speak out against SB233, same arguments.

by truejoy927

I oppose AB249 which will allow state-funded abortions through Medicaid and force private religious organizations to pay for abortions.  This bill is the companion of Senate bill SB233.  It denies those individuals and organizations who believe abortion is morally wrong religious liberty under the Constitution of the United States and Nevada.  For those individuals and organizations who support abortions, let them pay.  The U.S Supreme Court in the Hobby Lobby case protected the rights of religious organization in this matter.  This bill is unconstitutional.  Please vote “NO” on AB249.

by janine

This bill is the companion bill to Senate Bill 233 which Violates Religious Liberty and puts into state law taxpayer-funded abortion through Medicaid. It forces private insurance to cover contraceptives/abortifacients and “services” meaning abortions. AB249 forces private religious organizations to pay for ABORTIONS, by removing the current exemption in state law for religious organizations. In addition, it removes the exemption for small employer plans, fraternal plans and plans by governmental agencies. This bill enforces Obamacare.

by roger.haynes

AB249 Requires the State Plan for Medicaid and all health insurance plans to provide certain benefits relating to contraception.

See also SB233

Contraception is a personal decision and expense.