Update: The NRP reports that this bill has been pulled.

by peter5427

Immigration in all its forms has been a very divisive issue for a long time. As a legal immigrant and naturalized US citizen myself, and as a lifelong voter, I demand that nonsense like this bill be stopped. For more information, see my 29 articles on this topic, on

by bruch13

When will our liberal representatives start acting like grown ups and follow what the people want? We are tired of paying through the nose for people who come here only to sap the system. I love those who come LEGALLY and embrace our country and culture. Do NOT even think about passing this bill! Follow the law.

by kimnancee

I am strongly against this bill believing that a person who commits a crime in the US and is not legally here in the first place deserves to be deported to their country of origin.  We have enough criminals who are in our country legitimately and do not need to have additional criminals who have no right to be here!  We have enough gang members, illegal drugs and human traffickers already.  I would hope that you would publicly tell people legally living in Nevada about your attempts to sneak this bill through.

by donnamgray

I strongly object to the intent of this bill because I wanted ALL available local resources to be used to enforce our immigration laws.  Furthermore, I will be following the progress of this proposal and keeping score on the votes.

by saraandphilw

We strongly protest passing this bill.  It would be a travesty.  We need to handle this problem immediately and not allow any more illegal immigrants into our State.

by joanrreid

We are a country of LAWS – NO SANCTUARY FOR ILLEGALS. We are NOT being racist – we demand that our laws be upheld. They are here illegally – they have broken our laws on immigration. NO SANCTUARY.

by gloriajeanmanning


by myy2kvett

This is a terrible proposal. All we have to do is look at California to see the added crime, related expense due to crime and social expenses such as welfare. This is totally irresponsible. We have many other causes to spend taxpayer’s money on. This bill should never see the light of day.

by dwebb47

ILLEGAL aliens have broken our LAW just by being here!!. What part of that is so hard to understand? If a citizen breaks the law they should be punished. Why should we look the other way for someone who is not a citizen??? This not California yet! We are still Nevada. How many more law abiding US citizens must be victimized before we begin protecting our border?? And by the way, every US citizen is a victim every day just by ILLEGAL ALIENS being here!! Do not protect them.

by johnwood

Immigration is the purview of the ICE and therefore we should not be involved with protecting what may be a contingent of dangerous criminals. Will this law say that the law enforcement will no longer write tickets for moving violations? Arrest for bank robbery? Who gets discriminated against, JUST white anglo types?

by carsonschulz

All Federal and local law enforcement agencies should be working together in cooperation to apprehend people that are breaking the law for any reason.

by psalm111

SB223 must be a joke.  I have lived here since 1963 and always vote.  Will not vote for anyone who supports this, the dumbest bill I have ever seen proposed!  It is terrible that Clark and possibly Washoe could impose this horrible bill on the rest of us, just because they are large!  May the Lord have mercy on Nevada!

by aynmaple

This bill is madness.  Why can’t we abide by the “rule of law” anymore?  If we are not going to follow the law, then what is there to guide our interactions with each other?  It is unfair to law enforcement to ask them to not enforce certain laws.  What will happen to state funding if the current administration starts to withhold federal money from states or municipalities that refuse to adhere to federal law?  Why should dangerous illegals be protected, but as a legal citizen I have no protection from them?

by fishingrampa

Making Nevada a sanctuary state is not in the best interest of anybody in this state.