by fishingrampa

City Council members should be elected city wide in the general election.
The City attorney should not be elected.

by peter5427

Assuming what happens in Sparks does not stay in Sparks, and might happen in other cities too, the pros and cons of ward vs. city-wide election of city/county council members deserves to be debated in depth. There are good and bad points to both ways.

As to the city attorney, having observed that job being done in official meetings, I say we could not do worse with the job being elected, not hired. Again, deserves to be debated.

by Brad Bonkowski, member of Board of Supervisors, Carson City

As I have indicated in the past, I don’t support Ward only voting in a jurisdiction as small as Carson City. I think it works in large metro areas, but in small jurisdictions it leads to territorialism. I like working in the current format where the entire Board works for the best interests of the City as a whole rather than being primarily focused on their Ward. That is the best, most efficient way to govern as it allows the Board to focus on long-term sustainable solutions instead of short term political band-aids. It also allows any citizen to contact the Supervisor they are most comfortable with to discuss concerns. I have citizens contact me weekly to discuss issues that are not living in my Ward. In the current system that does not matter and I meet with them regardless of where they live.