by joanrreid

This violates our ability to carry concealed weapons by giving individuals of certain facilities the right to deny my right to carry.  I either have the right or I don’t.  Some public employee should not have the right to invalidate mine.

by dmmoltz

grievous objections

by peter5427

On the flip side, we have SB102 — (yes)

The sad fact is that all mass shooting occur in “gun free zones” — where people are disarmed and can’t shoot back. Laws like this SB115 achieve only one thing: criminalize the concept of self-defense. Sure a gun will not SHIELD you from bullets being fired at you, but by shooting back you reduce the threat if you are a lousy shot, or eliminate it if you are any good. I would think even “liberals” would consider that a good thing, but, remember, they are liberals….

Every facility that is posted as a “gun free zone” should also have an additional sign posted on it:

WARNING: This is a “gun free zone.” Enter at your own risk. Your right of self-defense against a deadly threat has been suspended. By entering this facility you acquiesce to being a helpless victim.