by aynmaple

This bill is another onerous requirement on employers in the state.  No, you don’t have the “right” to force someone to provide you with a place and time to care for your infant.  You also don’t have the “right” to force someone to give you a job.  This will make it harder  for women to get a good job, along with other requirements and special concessions.  I am a woman but why would I want to hire another women if the state is going to make it harder and more expensive for me to hire a woman?

by peter5427

You would think that in a state that still retains its stubbornly individualist origins people would know better than to propose something like this. This is something that the employee and employer should, could and would work out together, with just a bit of good will and common sense. Babies are wonderful, nursing mothers are wonderful. An employer compassionate and sensible enough would realize that a mother would be a better employee in response to just a little concession to her special but temporary needs.