by simi4relo

I represent a group of about 200 citizens who are completely against this bill. We like being able to elect our State Controller and State Treasurer. Good or bad, this has been part of our State Constitution for a very long time. It’s very peculiar that after a particularly interesting time when the Governor was at odds with both the elected Controller and Treasurer, suddenly there’s a bill to undo those constitutional offices and make them appointed rather than elected. Seems too coincidental. We think the Governor wields enough power and makes too many appointments already, none of whom answer to the public who pays their salaries. And these two important offices are two more examples of what that would be like. No thanks. We need public employees who are responsible to the public. PLEASE, VOTE NO on AJR6.

by truejoy927

I oppose AJR6 which takes away the right of the people  to vote for State Controller and State Treasurer.  These offices should be independent of the Governor’s office.  Approval of this bill puts to much power in the hands of the governor.  We need oversight which is more probable when the State Controller and the State Treasurer are independent.  Please vote “no” on AJR6.

by Roger Haynes

(Please see his comments, below.)