The legislature’s website supports the viewing of all comments submitted for and against a bill, without disclosing the identity of the constituent.

The starting point is the page where you submit your comments, Share Your Opinion on Bills The very first line of this page consists of three hot link s, Reports | View Comments | Submit Another Opinion.

View Comments is tedious to use, because it forces you select ONE bill at a time. But it returns all the comments in the order that they were submitted (most recent first).

Reports is more interesting and more useful, because it lets you dig into the statistics and demographics:

  • Opinions by Bill
  • Opinions by Bill
  • Opinions by Zip Code
  • Opinions by Zip Code by Bill
  • Opinions by City
  • Opinions by City by Bill
  • Opinions by Senate District
  • Opinions by Senate District by Bill
  • Opinions by Assembly District
  • Opinions by Assembly District by Bill


I find Opinions by Popularity to be a great motivator to weigh in, because it shows what most people are interested in. Note that the Share Your Opinion on Bills page lets you submit one comment by the same person on the same bill (another comment if it’s amended), so the only way to skew the count is by getting your friends on board. This page lists the top 50 bills by their popularity, the one with the most comments first.

The other useful one is Opinions by Bill, because on this report the bills are in numerical order by bill number, so you can scroll to the bill you want to know more about. On the right hand side of this page, the View Comments button takes you to the same page that shows all the comments on that bill.

The Opinions by Bill page shows all the bills that have received comments; and as you can see from the length of this list, it is far shorter than the number of bills having been assigned to committees (as shown in the Status of Legislation report, To us this means that the more comments we can generate on the less popular bills, the more likely that our comments will matter. So be sure to offer comments on all the bills that matter to you.

The other reports are interesting but less relevant to our task of submitting comments.