by peter5427

With the availability of fluoridated toothpaste there is no excuse to add fluoride into the water supply. And if just half the claims about its detrimental side effects are true, then there is every reason to require that the water treatment plants REMOVE it from the waste water before dumping it back into nature.

So far there have been no exhibits submitted on this bill. So I can only rely on a philosophical principle that says, it’s your proposal (the sponsors’ proposal), it’s your job to explain it and justify why it’s needed, you failed to provide any supporting evidence, therefore NO, no on AB193.
Recent or past discussions on this topic also consistently fail to set the context. Such as,

  • Is the water in any county in NV fluoridated now?
  • Is any bottled water or soft drink fluoridated?
  • Water is pretty hard around here, especially if it’s been a long time since a good rain. And let’s not even mention arsenic. Carson City has to mix in water from Douglas County to bring the levels down. How does fluoride compare with those little natural gems?
  • Toothpaste is fluoridated; so we still have the problem of fluoride getting into to aquifers.
  • Kids routinely get fluoride treatment to keep them from getting tooth decay for years if not permanently. What does research show, that was needed to get FDA approval, in terms of long term effects, if any?
  • Do water filters remove fluoride from water? Of course if they do, then it begs the question, why bother fluoridating the city water?

by simi4relo

Fight fluoridation in water in Washoe.  NO on AB193, which mandates fluoride in our water.  Citizens voted overwhelmingly against it in the past. TMWA Board of Directors unanimously opposes this measure.

Flouridation has been linked to osteoporosis and a 40-year test showed no fewer cavities in the teeth of those with fluoridation or not. Pat Kroll pointed out that the son she bore while living in fluoridated Denver has the best teeth ever.

by truthseeker4freedom

ALERT!!  MANDATORY Fluoride in Washoe County WATER

by janine

-Truckee Meadows Water Authority unanimously opposes AB193.
-In 2002, 58% of Voters in Washoe County opposed fluoridating the water.
-This bill circumvents the will of the people and forces Truckee Meadow Water Authority to fluoridate the water.
-Fluoridation is expensive. It will cost nearly $70 million for TMWA to fluoridate the water. TMWA will have to raise customers rates by 8.83%. This rate hike would be without giving customers the right to vote on fluoridation.
Facts you need to know about fluoride (Thanks to Juanita Cox for information)
-23+ human studies and 100+ animal studies link fluoride to brain Damage
-41% of American children have dental fluorosis caused by excess fluoride, according to evidence from the Centers for Disease Control and prevention (CDC).
-99% of all fluoride added to water goes down the drain and into the environment.
-Most fluoride used in water is waste products from the scrubbing systems of fertilizer industry and is classified as hazardous waste.