by peter5427

People are not dogs or other pets. We don’t need to be chipped, ever.

It’s been about a year or more that there was any mention in the news about microchipping people. At that time they were extolling the benefit of microchipping soldiers in combat —  knowing where each one is to improve tactical coordination, to locate those who do not respond, and to positively identify the casualties. At the same time there were concerns that microchipping could and would be done without our knowledge, as part of routine vaccinations of children (to track missing or kidnapped children) or the elderly (having wandered off, etc.). I’m sure there was more but that’s all I can recall, besides the lame argument that, what’s the big deal, we chip our pets to their obvious benefit.

The potential misuses are obvious, as is the violation of the “right to privacy.” I wonder what prompted this bill, why now. Anyway, it’s easily a fundamental constitutional / bill of rights issue, so I am sure a state law won’t get very far it it’s noticed by the feds.

Is the sponsor working with Amodei, Heller and what’s her face to get a parallel federal law passed? What’s the feedback from our veterans?

by truejoy

I support SB109 which prohibits any person from requiring another person to undergoing implantation of a microchip or other permanent identification marker. Allowing microchips implantation, even relating to crimes, is a “Orwellian” concept and could lead to loss of freedom for us all.

by simi4relo

SB109 will BAN ALL FORMS OF MICROCHIPPING!  This is something I am happy to support because it will allow us to be free.  I don’t want anyone putting a microchip in my body or the body of any other human being.  I’m not sure where this came from, but there could be another legislator trying to implement microchipping for criminals, which is open to abuse, so this will stop that.