by truejoy

I oppose SB103 which revises provisions governing elections for partisan offices. I oppose “open” primaries.  The ideology of Republicans versus Democrats could not be more opposite.  I do not want Democrats ever to vote in a Republican primary and vise versa.  Competition of opposing ideologies in the general election could be undermined if we have “open” primaries.  Please vote “NO” on SB103.

by fishingrampa

SB103  Hell No.  This bill is called a “modified blanket primary”.  Also known as an open primary, meaning a primary election could advance two candidates of the same party to the general election.  Talk about disenfranchising voters.  This idea is worse than the caucus mess we have now.

I suspect this is a throw away bill as it was submitted by Senator Settelmeyer.

by peter5427

I don’t understand the concept of a throw-away bill. Open primary was the final nail in the coffin of the California “Republican” Party. With Clark County / Las Vegas being nothing more than a suburb of Los Angeles, and with Clark County providing 78% of Nevada’s representation, such a bill, throw-away or not, will also push what remains of the NV GOP into similar irrelevance.

We should not be so cagey as to outsmart ourselves. The Democrats are not stupid; they’ll see through a ploy and make us pay for it dearly.